2016 Speaker Presentations

Session 1A
CDO Best Practices for Creating Truth, Trust and Traceability by Robert LuttonDonald SoulsbyStan Christiaens, & Bill Winkler

Session 2B
Fueling the Department’s Acquisition Business through Data by Mark Krzysko

Session 4B2
Enabling Growth through Quality Data by Justin Litz

Session 4C
Information Value & Governance by Barbara Latulippe
Industrial Security, Preparedness and Mobilization by Dan Green
Industrial Internet by Joseph Salvo
Enterprise and Industrial Risk Management by Steve Orrin

Session 5A
The Role of the CDO in Improving an Organization’s Cybersecurity: Innovative Directions by Stuart Madnick

Session 5B
Infonomics: The New Economics of Information by Douglas Laney

Session 5C
CDO Toolkit Series: Towards Flawless Customer Experiences by Bill Winkler

Session 6A
Join the Data (Governance) Revolution by Stan Christiaens
Evolving Mandate of Chief Data Officer by Ramesh Nair 

Session 6B
Data Governance: Making Data Transparent and Trusted by Jelena Roljevic & Ronald Layne
Data Governance in the Age of Big Data by Mark Johnson
A CDO Blueprint for Data Management by Ramon Chen

Session 6C
Real World Big Data Use Cases – What other CDO’s are already doing with Hadoop by Christopher Moore & Steven Totman
Journey to a Centralized Hub: Customer Cases Studies by Afshin Lotfi

Session 6D
Big Data’s Starring Role: in Next-Generation Information Architecture by Paul Terry
You’re the New CDO, Now What? by Joe Caserta
The D in CDO is for Disruption by Peter Wang
From Cost Center to Profit Center – Data Management Best Approaches by Todd Hinton

Session 7
Four Eras of Information, Four CDO Roles by Tom Davenport

Session 8B
Data Value – Some thoughts and Experiences by Barry Rudolph
Cyber Insurance: Increasingly Relevant in 2016 – Why? by Ben Beeson
From Product Value to Data Value by Steve Todd
Industrial, Crown-Jewel Data Access by Manuel Terranova

Session 8D
Perspectives on Evolution of the Chief Data Officer Role: Panel Discussion by Randy Bean

Session 11
The State of Financial Services and Implications for Data Management for CDO’s and CDTO’s by Jim Gilligan