Alan Rodriguez, Accesr

Alan Rodriguez, CEO & Founder, Accesr

Alan Rodriguez is a product and data leader with 20+ years’ experience envisioning and building cutting edge digital solutions. Alan has a passion for digital strategy, innovation, and emergent digital business models. He brings a balance of practical and philosophical thinking to all endeavors and believes technology must be thoughtfully designed to serve humanity.

Over the course of Alan’s career he’s invented and coded first-generation payment gateways at Chase/Paymentech, created first-generation global B2B trading & supply chain platforms at Quadrem/Ariba/SAP, and invented and created first-generation B2C and B2B marketing, preference centers, adtech, customer loyalty, community & engagement platforms at Tribal Worldwide/Omnicom.

As the CEO and Founder of Accesr – his team is creating media and data containers as programmable, transferable, encryptable, cacheable, and remotely controllable data building blocks designed to ensure the owners of data can constrain and direct it’s uses everywhere it flows and grows.

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