2020 MITCDOIQ Workshop Day Speakers

Wouter Oosterbosch, IBM

Wouter Oosterbosch, Chief Data Scientist Europe / Leader Advanced Analytics Center of CompetenceAs Chief Data Scientist for IBM Europe, Wouter has over 10 years of experience in advanced analytics, AI,...

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John Talburt, UA Little Rock

John Talburt, PhD, Acxiom Chair of Information Quality, Coordinator of the Computer and Information Sciences PhD Program, UA Little RockJohn R. Talburt, PhD, IQCP, CDMP is the Acxiom Chair of...

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Peter Anlyan, Anlyan Consulting

Peter Anlyan, Founding Member, Anlyan ConsultingPeter Anlyan built teams during 20 years with Capitol Broadcasting Company including as General Manager of two start-ups. As an organizational development catalyst for clients...

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Jeffrey Giles, Sandhill Consultants

Jeffrey Giles, Principal Architect, Sandhill ConsultantsJeffrey Giles is Principal Architect at Sandhill Consultants. He has over 15 years’ experience in information technology and is a recognized Data Management professional. Jeffrey...

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Robert Lutton, Symposium Co-Director, Sandhill Consultants

Robert Lutton, Symposium Co-Director; Vice President, Sandhill ConsultantsRobert Lutton, runs Sandhill Consultants North America and had been directly responsible for creating an organization that delivers technology, service, products and training...

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Richard Y. Wang, Founder & Director, MITCDOIQ Program

Dr. Richard Wang, Founder & Executive Director, MITCDOIQ ProgramRichard Y. Wang is Director of the MIT Chief Data Officer and Information Quality (CDOIQ) Program. He is a pioneer and leader in...

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