Davin Crowley-Sweet, Highways England

Davin Crowley-Sweet, CDO, Highways England

Davin is the Chief Data Officer at Highways England. His career actually started as a professional guitarist in a heavy metal band. A shady manager and some angry associates resulted in the band losing the record deal and leaving Davin pretty clueless on what to do next. A friend offered him a home on the railway with Network Rail. Here Davin worked his way up through the sector; from helping migrate data as part of an insourcing initiative, to be being the professional head of GB Mainlines railway system-related data and leading on one of the largest digital transformations in the UK.

In 2017, Davin swapped rail for roads and became Highways England’s first Chief Data Officer at the beginning of the largest investments in roads in a lifetime. Understanding the value of Highways England’s data is critical to making informed investment decisions and delivering better journeys for stakeholders.

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