Dr. (MD) Marcin Hanczaruk, The Alliance for Innovation Foundation, Poland

Dr. (MD) Marcin Hanczaruk, Co-Chair, The Alliance for Innovation Foundation, Poland

MD graduated in 1997. He has nearly 20 years’ experience in business adaptation to changing environment leading to transformation for profitable growth, organization’s development, building corporate brands and high performance teams. His experience has included strategy acceleration programs, organization efficiency, change management, leadership development in global and international company transformation initiatives and projects. He has led diversified cross functional teams and the whole affiliates in leading international companies: Bristol-Myers Squibb (USA); Schering Plough (USA); Ferring (Switzerland), Amgen (USA).

He has also served as the President of the Supervisory Board of the Polish Pharmaceutical Chamber and Board Member of EFPIA.

Since many years he focuses on initiating, supporting and implementation of cross country projects bridging experts, centers committed to quality improvements in patients care and to healthcare innovation.

That led to a very well established professional relationship and network with different stakeholders including KOLs, medical societies, PAGs, distributors and governmental bodies.

He also over the recent years educates actively on the value of innovation, biotechnology, healthcare system improvements, change management and business development. He serves as Board Member of Healthcare Think Tank, Expert on Innovation -Polish National Centre for Research & Development.

Since 2016 he is co-chairing Polish American Foundation Alliance for Innovation  (AFI) which mission is to accelerate innovative cooperation between US and Poland in the area of science, technology, business and culture.

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