Elizabeth Albee


Elizabeth is a consultant and expert in information and data governance, lifecycle management, data privacy, and eDiscovery, whose passion is harnessing information to power innovation that drives companies to be successful. She excels at helping companies articulate strategic information and data governance needs and develop comprehensive programs with global reach and the right technology solutions. She has an extensive background in program and technology implementation support, governance and compliance, data migration, merger and acquisition, business consolidation, risk mitigation, and litigation preparedness. Her industry reach includes Fortune 100 life sciences, entertainment, multinational law firms, and wireless infrastructure. She has spent the last nine of the past ten years in the challenging and highly regulated biotechnology industry.

Areas of Expertise:

·   Data governance

·   Data privacy

·   Risk mitigation

·   eDiscovery

·   Information lifecycle management

·   Data migration

·   Records retention

·   Enterprise content management


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