Keynote Day 3

Frontiers of Digital Transformation in Drug R&D

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CDOs across industries are challenged with maximizing value from data spanning disparate sources, formats, and regulatory jurisdictions. Nowhere is this truer than in the pharmaceutical and medical industries where data is highly sensitive, complex, regulated, and siloed. The industry has viewed digital transformation as a massive opportunity to counter productivity headwinds and other operational hurdles.  While AI offers great promise towards these goals, true insights at scale require access to huge amounts of data in consistent and accessible forms and creating powerful algorithms to analyze the data.  And even then, data scientists need to have well defined questions in order to create meaningful insights.

Companies that are succeeding with true data transformation in biopharma can show us:

Join Sarah Lyons, the award-winning leader of Privacy Analytics, one of the world’s leading data transformation companies, as she and Gabriel Eichler – VP of Data responsible for Novartis’s transformative data42 strategy – explore the insights and experiences we’ve learned so far.

Insights include:


sarah lyons

Head of Privacy Analytics

gabriel eichler, PH.D.

VP and Head of Data, Data42, Novartis


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