Session 12B

AI in Real Time? Are We There Yet?

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The value of real-time data and analytics is in its name – real time. Real-time analytics, when combined with leading indicators and KPIs, provides a deeper understanding of data, allowing decision makers, or machines, to detect weak signals much earlier, providing time for corrective measures for outcomes that have not yet happened. But real-time requires solving long-standing challenges in accessing and releasing data – legacy platforms, master data management, data consolidation and data quality to name just a few. Is your organization there yet? The industry experts assembled for this panel will speak to three grand challenges that must be overcome to really be real-time. Steve Orrin, Intel Federal’s CTO, will map out the technologies required for today’s, and tomorrow’s real-time. What Gartner defines as a continuous real-time capability. Simmi Bhargava, Senior Director of Analytics at Adobe, will present how Adobe is developing enterprise data-analytic service models, new teaming strategies, and new KPIs for reporting to top business management. Naguib Attia, Distinguished Engineer and Vice President, IBM’s Global University Program, will address the human-capital side of real-time – the critical skills gaps in acquiring, training and deploying the people that ultimately will make real-time successful in your organization. Participants attending this session will take away knowledge, insights and case examples of how leading companies are organizing and benefitting from real-time.


James Short, Ph.d.

Lead Scientist, San Diego Supercomputer Center at UC San Diego

steve orrin

Federal CTO & Senior Principal, Intel

Simmi Bhargava

Senior Manager, Strategic Operations, Data Governance, Portfolio, Adobe

Naguib Attia

Distinguished Engineer & VP, IBM Global University Programs


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