Session 15B

Make a Data Mesh, not a Data Mess: A CDO's guide

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A fairly new concept in the industry, Data Mesh is an exciting new approach for designing and developing data architectures that challenges the status quo of centralized data platforms and advocates for a decentralized domain-driven design. Joe Caserta, thought-leader and authority on enterprise data solutions, shares information you need to decide if a Data Mesh is right for your business, and how to lead your company through a transformation without creating a data mess. Questions answered in this session include:

As a CDO, the trend of data mesh architecture cannot be ignored, and with little to no real fully-baked information publicly available, this session wrestles key issues to the ground and provides an honest assessment of the disruption being caused by the data mesh approach. Business executives and technical leaders will benefit from the practical use cases shared throughout this session.


Joe Caserta

President & Founder, Caserta


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