Session 16C

Agility, Dynamic Metadata & Self-service

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Customers expect personalized, consistent and value-added experiences across all products, services and channels.

Bringing together fragmented data to understand customers is virtually impossible without the fine-grained control of data that only metadata provides.

In today’s digital, data-intensive world, metadata needs to be dynamic and needs to regulate data processing, not just passively record the state of data.

With dynamic metadata, businesses can achieve agility by automating data pipelines, providing transparency and control over data processing.

Dynamic metadata significantly accelerates enterprise sales and marketing efforts, cloud computing adoption, and risk management. It also improves controls over line-of-business operations.

Ed Sheehy will lead a panel discussion of Ab Initio customers describing how they use dynamic metadata to control complex data ecosystems, provide agility, and unleash data’s business value.

About Ab Initio

Ab Initio software enables you to transform big data into meaningful data through agile, self-service user driven technology.

Our powerful, flexible platform accelerates and automates every step of unlocking the value within data: from data acquisition, to insights, to making decisions and taking data-driven actions in real-time.

Ab Initio makes it easy for you to capture the results of your actions and feed that new data back into the system, improving future decisions and producing a powerful high-performance feedback loop.

Ab Initio’s platform agnostic design and modern architecture enable digitalization as well as hybrid, private or multi-cloud adoption.

With Ab initio, you can control your data destiny.


ed sheehy

Strategic Consultant, Ab Initio

scott wickliffe

Metadata Management & Governance Manager, FedEx

Guillermo guemez

CIO, Banorte

ann christopher

Director, Data Governance and Data Architecture, SBPASC




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