Session 16E

Panel on Building Trust in Personal Data Sharing across Data Spaces

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It has been a longstanding slogan that data becomes valuable only when used and shared between stakeholders. However, sharing data might also have adverse effects and the interests of different parties may be conflicting. Therefore, ethical and societal challenges related to data sharing practices have become a hot topic for everyone from executives to citizens.

The panellists are long-term advocates who have been calling for more ethical approaches to data sharing.  They will discuss how different stakeholders – individuals, data holders and governments – are reacting to data sharing around the world and what it will mean for the future of data sharing.

More importantly, the panelists will present various approaches that can be used to build trust in data sharing between parties. For example, what it means to move from a customer centric to human centric business model, to align digital services with ethical virtues and to manage decentralized identities between numerous parties. They will also discuss how leading organisations have been approaching these goals and where to look for new ideas and best practice.


Sami Laine

Competence Lead, Siili Solutions/MIT CDOIQ Symposium Committee Co-Chair

Nat Sakimura

Chairman, OpenID Foundation

jeni tennison

VP & Chief Strategy Advisor, Open Data Institute

antti poikola

Data Economy Specialist, MyData Global, Finland


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