Session 17E

Spreading an Analytical Culture at a Multi-Company Conglomorate (Learnings from across the world, from the middle east to Latin America)

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Today, Big Data, Machine Learning and AI are omnipresent concepts in boardrooms. Rightfully so as these new tools are critical to succeed in today’s increasingly digital, connected, complex and competitive world. In this talk you will learn about what it takes to build a large-scale analytics practice from scratch at a multi-company conglomerate, from the complementary perspectives of Intercorp and Majid Al Futtaim, leading multi-sector corporations in Peru and the Middle East, respectively, with over USD 7 billion annual revenue each. Choosing your first battles, building and governing a cross-company single customer view, deploying and scaling skills… Don’t miss out!


Guillaume ThfoiN

Head of Data & Analytics, Majid AI Futtaim

Ivan Herrero

Chief Data Officer, Intercorp


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