Session 18D

Key enablers in the journey of a Data-driven organization – Culture and Talent

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The amount of data generated by humans, machines, and organizations continue to increase exponentially. The amount of new data created each year is growing at a CAGR of about 26% between 2015 and 2025 with an increase in diversity of data types. While technologies such as AI and tools like advanced analytics have matured over time to help businesses leverage these massive data sets, organizations are not fully utilizing these capabilities due to the lack of competencies in understanding the business relevance of the data, the details of the datasets themselves and the accompanying usage processes and policies. The organization of teams, the right skilled resources, and the culture,  along with advanced technologies are required to drive data driven decision making. The panel will share experiences on how the culture and talent play a key role in building a data driven organization.


Raj Nimmagadda

Global Head, R&D Data Office, Sanofi

lucas quarta

Partner & Associate Director of Data & Analytics, BCG, Paris

jack pollard

Head of Precision Oncology, Sanofi Pharmaceutical

santha ramakrishnan

Global Data Governance Lead, Sanofi Pharmaceutical

savio rodrigues

VP of Strategic Clients, Trianz


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