Session 19C

FRAMEWORKs of FAIRNESS – Talent Strategy - Data Bias Reduction - Algorithm Fairness

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At the core of everything The Kroger Co. does is an unwavering commitment to feed the human spirit. That central need is met through various efforts, but most importantly through fostering a culture of inclusion and belonging that empowers everyone to be their authentic self and encouraging collaboration. During this session, The Kroger Co. and 84.51° will discuss their Diversity Equity & Inclusion journey and Dr. Orellana-Rojas from the National Diversity Council will enhance the discussion with learnings from her long career of research and teaching on this topic. Kroger’s vow of relentless inclusion begins at a micro-level; in fact, it’s virtually undetectable with the naked eye. The 84.51° team of data scientists has created a framework of fairness, which addresses how human bias can, unless recognized, make its way into data, algorithms, and talent acquisition. Attendees will hear how Kroger’s commitment to inclusion grew to include algorithm fairness and why this highly visible topic is important, and how to replicate a similar three stage approach to a fairness framework within their own organizations.


Dan Whitacre

Senior Director – Transformation & Innovation, Kroger

Cecilia Orellana-Rojas

Sr. VP, National Diversity Council

Grant Gilkerson

Data Science Director, 84.51°

Jeanette Mumbeck

Science Manager, 84.51°


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