Session 19D

Design & Building a Data Driven Organization Culture - A Case Study

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Performing analytics/advanced analytics and building intelligent (AI) solutions using data to drive business outcomes does not necessarily mean an organisation is “data driven” or has a “data driven culture”. Data asset is the lifeblood of an organisation and is its strategic and competitive asset. Therefore, for an organisation to have a true data driven culture, the organisation should be able to manage and govern the “lifecycle of its data assets effectively and efficiently that would enable it to organise its data to drive activities, use the data assets in an acceptable manner, is able to make better and effective decisions, and is able to manage risks and resolve conflicts. The case study explains how data strategy was used to drive the business strategy in order to design and build a successful organisation. The design of the organisation was based on a solid data strategy and it includes – designing the business functions, supporting business processes, the supporting people structure, products, technology and operational processes. To be true to the sentence, “Data is a key strategic and competitive asset”, a strong data management strategic program was designed and implemented and that included designing and implementing measurable data related KPIs and programs across the whole organisation to drive the right data culture.


Ram Kumar

Chief Data & Analytics Officer, Cigna


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