Session 2C

Advanced Infonomics: Transforming The Business Via Applied Information Economics

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Classic macro- and microeconomic principles were developed to better understand and improve the consumption and value of traditional goods and services, not data assets. CDOs must master how the economics of information can be capitalized upon to design high-performance architectures, innovative data monetization schemes, and disruptive digital business models.
In this session, Doug Laney will facilitate a discussion of how basic economic concepts like supply-and-demand, pricing, scarcity, non-rivalry, marginal utility, etc. apply to data (or not), and what we can learn about and capitalize upon the economic nuances of data assets. Bring only your fuzzy recollection of high-school econ and a willingness to go well beyond the trite “data is the new oil” metaphor.


Douglas Laney

Symposium Co-Director;
Data & Analytics Strategy Innovation Fellow, West Monroe


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