Session 4C

Accelerating Digital Business With Data Sharing: A View from Gartner’s 6th CDO Survey

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Gartner’s 6th CDO Survey shows that the CDO role is growing in organization influence and business impact. In this session, Gartner analyst Lydia Clougherty Jones will discuss the Survey results on what differentiates the successful CDO’s ability to provide measurable business value and increase organizational influence.  From this session, you will learn:

-How CDOs are taking on a strategic role while participating in digital transformation initiatives
-How business-facing KPIs around customer experience, ROI on D&A investments, and increased data sharing are driving demonstrable value to D&A stakeholders
-What skills are critical to the CDOs continued success

As lead of the upcoming Gartner 7th CDO Survey, Lydia Clougherty Jones will also give a preview of what’s next for the successful CDO and how you can add your voice to the momentum.


Lydia Clougherty Jones

Analyst & Sr. Research Director, Gartner


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