Session 6C

Making Self Service Work: How to Empower, Align, and Retain Data Analysts

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Most organizations have dozens, if not hundreds of data analysts embedded in various departments and business units who query, manipulate, and analyze data and generate reports. These data analysts cost organizations tens or hundreds of millions of dollars in wages annually. More surprisingly, corporate data teams don’t know most of the data analysts in their organization, nor do they have a strategy to align them or optimize their organization’s investment in them.

This session will present a comprehensive strategy for empowering data analysts. It will describe how to make a business case for developing a self-service strategy that optimizes their time and output. It will also explain how to motivate and retain data analysts (people), how to organize and manage data analysts (organization), how to govern data analyst output (process), and how to select tools and products that enable them to work as efficiently and effectively as possible (technology).

You Will Learn:
• How to take an inventory of data analysts and use it to develop a data strategy
• How to evaluate and select self-service tools and platforms for data analysts
• How to create a career path for data analysts the challenges and retains them
• How to govern data analyst output to prevent data silos and conflicting reports
• How to federate data analysts to align them with corporate goals and standards
• How to create a community of interest among data analysts


Wayne Eckerson

President, Eckerson Group


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