Session 6D

An AI Governance Framework and Methodology to Mitigate Corporate Risk

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Corporations must be accountable for the actions of their AI — or risk collapsing their credibility, brand reputations and bottom lines. They have an obligation to develop their AI in a responsible manner, by focusing on the concepts of empathy, fairness, transparency and accountability.
Implementing an AI Governance framework mitigates corporate risk. A robust AI Governance capability closely aligned with the data and analytics strategy, is vital for eliminating bias, providing model transparency, and establishing accountability.
Based upon multiple client engagements across financial services, federal government and hospitality verticals, AlyData will present a proprietary AI Governance framework and methodology that corporations can implement to achieve mitigate risk and improve regulatory compliance.


Navrina Singh

Founder & CEO, Credo.AI

Jay Zaidi

Managing Partner, AlyData


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