Session 9E

Bridging Real and Digital Space and the Applications of Telehealth and Telemedicine – the Poland Experience

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One of the fundamental questions that the global wave of digitization seeks to answer is how to automate, simplify and optimize the use of data. In order to enhance operational performance and to create added values in the process, every industry strives to control and harness data – and healthcare is no exception. Healthcare institutions realize that the most valuable asset in this digital era is none other than the massive piles of historical and transactional data that they have been storing & collecting – and which can be captured to connect doctors and patients remotely.

COVID-19 also has demonstrated the healthcare system weakness in managing patient care remotely through telehealth and telemedicine applications. Rehabilitation, side effect management, psychiatric consultation, etc. remain unmet needs not only during the demanding COVID-19 period, but also in the pre-Covid period and in the post-Covid environments. The major elements to be addressed during this session include Polish experience with the following:

· Government policies and regulations in focusing telehealth and telemedicine applications.
· Highlights of technical drivers for improving data management and system integration for the remote care of patients.
· Controlling costs and improving treatment outcomes through tele treatment.
· Understanding the challenges and market opportunities in Poland in big data and healthcare and their successful application to telehealth and telemedicine.
· Selected applications to illuminate the gains in treatment outcomes and disease prevention from telehealth and telemedicine applications.


Frank Ponzio

President & CEO, Symbolic Systems

Dr. Cezary Mazurek

Director, Poznan Supercomputing & Networking Center, Poland

Dr. Raul Palma

Head of Data Analytics & Semantics Dept., Poznan Supercomputing & Networking Center, Poland

Dr. (MD) Marcin Hanczaruk

Co-Chair, The Alliance for Innovation Foundation, Poland

MR. George W. Handy

President, Supervisory Board, The Alliance for Innovation Foundation, USA


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