Frank Ponzio, Symbolic Systems

Frank Ponzio Jr., President & CEO, Symbolic Systems

Frank J Ponzio Jr is a thought-leader in the fields of military and commercial Information quality.

He has received US patents related to information quality, and presented his military Information quality experiences at MIT symposiums.

. He founded and was the President and CEO of Symbolic Systems Inc, a pioneering company in transitioning manual military and business processes to computer processes, to which he founded in 1968 and sold 47 years later, in 2015.

He specialized in military DQIQ improvement in the fields of ballistic missile accuracy, the real-time sharing of biometrics data with national and international organizations, and in the uploading of various types of weapon systems information for WARFIGHTER deployment.

His was attracted to and attended the MIT DQIQ summer courses taught by Dr. Richard Y. Wang, started in1996, and has have been an active participant in MIT DQIQ and MIT CDOIQ initiatives for over 23 years.

He founded in 1993 and is the President and CEO of the People Technology Foundation for his philanthropic endeavors, which have attracted the interest of world leaders such as Former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

He is listed as a Google scholar for his scholarly literature across an array of publishing formats and disciplines.

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