Iiro Lindborg, Groke Technologies

Iiro Lindborg, Co-Founder & VP of Customer Solutions & Concepts at Groke Technologies

Iiro Lindborg is one of the founding members of Groke Technologies which is a technology company working on autononous vessel technologies and solutions. At Groke Iiro is also Vice President for customer solutions and concepts.

In the beginning of his career Iiro joined Rolls-Royce (now part of Kongsberg Maritime) in 2005 and held various roles such as Development Project Manager and Technical Product Manager before his role as Vice President of Remote and Autonomous Operations. He has degree in Automation and Electrical Engineering from Vaasa University of Applied Sciences.
In his early career Iiro worked with the development of azimuth thrusters control and electrical solutions specializing in frequency converter driven solutions. From 2007 until 2010 Iiro held the position of Technical Product Manager for Aquapilot control system solution and linked electrical solutions. From 2010 until end of 2015 he worked as development project manager for propulsion, steering gear and waterjet control and electrical solutions. As part of the development manager role he also was in charge of the development of future bridge and unmanned vessel remote operations center concepts called oX. These concepts revolutionized the way future maritime operations were described and especially the futuristic representation of unmanned vessel command centre received global acknowledgement.
As Vice President of Remote & Autonomous operations he was integral part of setting up the Ship Intelligence business and R&D Centre for Autonomous operations within Rolls-Royce Marine. To date his team is global leader of remote and autonomous system for maritime industry. It has developed and demonstrated world’s first commercial remotely controlled vessel, the Svitzer Hermod, an 80t escort tug of Svitzer in 2017 and worlds first fully autonomous vessel, road ferry Falco in 2018.
Iiro is also one of the key speakers globally in regards to remote and autonomous maritime operations.

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