Jack Pollard, Sanofi Pharmaceutical

Jack Pollard, Head of Precision Oncology, Sanofi Pharmaceutical

Jack Pollard joined Sanofi back in 2005, and he currently is the global Head of Precision Oncology, which works as the integrated analytical arm of Research and early Development project teams to identify targets, to select Proof Of Concept (POC) indications, and to identify biomarkers.

His group embraces a “Bedside to Bench and Back” approach in their research. They study in patients both the pathophysiology of late stage cancer and response to drug treatment to gain actionable molecular insight. Both Cytometric and Sequencing based approaches including Single-Cell and Spatial techniques are employed to characterize tumors, their immune context, and drug response.  Advanced Modeling and Statistical methods are then applied to translate these data into actionable findings for the Projects.

Jack has contributed directly to the discovery of multiple oncology targets that resulted in drug discovery programs as well as the patient selection biomarkers for compounds currently in development. His publications while at Sanofi on network analysis and reconstruction methods have been citied more than one-thousand times. He also currently co-Leads our OpenTargets collaboration and the Analysis Group for Oncology’s IMMUcan Innovative Medicine Initiative (IMI) Collaboration, which has a goal of characterizing more than five-thousand patients treated with immune checkpoint blockers.

Prior to joining Sanofi while at the ventured backed personalized healthcare company Selventa/Genstruct, he developed biological network reconstruction methods to identify patient stratification biomarkers. He has been a principal at a boutique bioinformatics consultancy and architected software systems for several biotech and pharmaceutical companies in the areas of data management, knowledge management, and analytics. He has received several Small Business Innovation awards from NIH and a National Institute of Standards (NIST) Technology Advanced Technology Program (ATP) grant for computer systems to facilitate biological hypothesis generation via semantic data integration. He is an inventor on several patents in biological network reconstruction, semantic integration technologies, and machine learning.

Jack holds a doctorate from Harvard University in Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology, where he studied the origins of life.

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