John Talburt, UA Little Rock

John Talburt, PhD, Acxiom Chair of Information Quality, Coordinator of the Computer and Information Sciences PhD Program, UA Little Rock

John R. Talburt, PhD, IQCP, CDMP is the Acxiom Chair of Information Quality, Coordinator of the Computer and Information Sciences PhD Program, and Executive Director of the Center for Advanced Research in Entity Resolution and Information Quality at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UA Little Rock). In addition, Dr. Talburt is a member of the U.S. Technical Advisory Group to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Technical Committee 184, Subcommittee 4, Working Group 13 developing the ISO 8000 Industrial Data Quality Standard.


Dr. Talburt is the lead consultant for Data Quality Management and Data Governance for Noetic Partners, Inc. and previously served as the Chief Scientist for Black Oak Analytics, Inc., an Arkansas-based company specializing in data quality and entity identity information management solutions. Prior to his appointment at UA Little Rock he was the leader for research and development and product innovation at Acxiom Corporation, a global leader in information management and customer data integration.  Professor Talburt is an inventor for several patents related to customer data integration and the author of numerous research papers and articles on information quality and entity resolution.  He has also authored four books including Entity Resolution and Information Quality (Morgan Kaufmann, 2011), Data Engineering: Mining, Information and Intelligence (Springer, 2010), Information Quality and Governance for Business Intelligence (IGI Global, 2014), and Entity Information Life Cycle for Big Data: Master Data Management and Information Integration (Morgan Kaufmann, 2015).


His current research interests are entity and identity resolution, master data management, data governance, and the role of the Chief Data Officer (CDO). Dr. Talburt is the winner of the International Association for Information and Data Quality 2014 Distinguished Member Award and the 2008 Data Management Association (DAMA) International Academic Award. He has earned the Information Quality Certified Professional (IQCP) credential from IQ International and the Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP) credential from the Institute for Certification of Computer Professionals (ICCP). He is also a certified Master Data Quality Manager (MDQM) for the ISO 8000-110: 2009 Master Data Quality standard through ECCMA.

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