Maximilian Groth, Decentriq

Maximilian Groth, Co-Founder & CEO, Decentriq

Maximilian Groth is the CEO and co-founder of decentriq, a SaaS company founded in 2019 that enables organizations to create secure data ecosystems by combining, analyzing, and sharing sensitive data, with anyone, without restriction.  He is responsible for the company’s top line growth and internationalization process. He led the company’s initial business development efforts and established the company’s marketing positioning and value proposition. Maximilian is continually engaged with customers and industry experts, identifying the strategic needs and adapting to the market requirements of financial services, healthcare, and the confidential data industry.

Max is recognized for his determination to establish decentriq as the market leader and enabler for secure data ecosystems. Along with his co-founder Stefan Deml and the decentriq team, he has enabled data ecosystems for a range of global enterprises including Swisscom and Credit Suisse.

Before founding decentriq, Max worked at Teralytics, a company focusing on the monetization of telecommunication data.

Max received his Master’s in Arts from the University of Sant Gallen, specializing in Accounting and Finance, and is the President of the Alumni Technology Club. Maximilian is also a member of StartX, the Stanford community for startups, and a co-founder of the Confidential Computing Consortium. He is based in Zurich, Switzerland.

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