Mike Bachman, Boomi

Mike Bachman, Chief Architect, Office of the CTO, Boomi

Mike Bachman—or Bachman, as his colleagues call him—is the Chief Architect within the Office of the CTO (OCTO), at Boomi, a Dell Technologies business. He is responsible for Boomi’s global position on emerging technologies and the pipelines that enable them. Bachman consults with the Dell Technologies Enterprise Architecture and Digital Transformation groups responsible for Dell’s largest global enterprises. Additionally, he works with his CTO staff colleagues, fellows and distinguished engineers within Dell Technologies to create pan-Dell points-of-view on emTech. He has over 20 years of professional experience in technology consulting, including infrastructure architecture, application integration, performance analysis, data strategy and emerging technology development. In the OCTO, he investigates leading- and bleeding-edge technologies and applies them to a variety of integration approaches. Bachman has launched a concerted effort within Boomi to foment climate change action and other sustainable transformations to help companies become better stewards of our planet.  Bachman is a perpetual learner, loves to read, runs to stay fit, hikes to enjoy nature, travels to consult and expand his world view, and spends precious moments with his two amazing kids. Moreover, he likes bowties; if you ever see him in the wild, you will almost certainly observe him wearing one.

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