MIT & Privacy Analytics Safe Data Day

MIT CDOIQ Presents

Data Sharing: Strategies for an Uncertain World

in collaboration with Privacy Analytics


What are the challenges and opportunities in accessing and sharing sensitive data to drive innovation and increase ROI? Join us for a pitch-free, invite-only deep dive into what’s worked and what hasn’t from across multiple industries, in both the private and public sectors. You’ll learn from other data leaders in your choice of two dynamic and interactive sessions designed to focus on the issues and solutions to internal data access and external data sharing.

Both sessions will be hosted by Richard Y. Wang, Founder & Director of the MIT CDOIQ program, and moderated by Privacy Analytics General Manager Sarah Lyons and Chief Methodologist Luk Arbuckle.



Part 1: Why data sharing, and why now?

In a recent webinar survey with the International Society of Chief Data Officers (isCDO), we found that 89% of respondents felt they could drive more value from sensitive data if it could be used more often, by more people, for different projects. It’s time to address concerns and discuss solutions among data leaders, so we can deliver on the promise of data’s value-added benefits.

Part 2: A Roadmap to Data Sharing

Discussion #1:  Enable data access and use to drive innovation

Our first conversation will focus on barriers in keeping sensitive data from being leveraged, which can otherwise improve decision-making and drive innovation. We’ll also explore insights into how data leaders are leading change to prioritize data-driven solutions to organizational problems.

Here you will learn:

  • How an organization can become more data-driven
  • What strategies help you move past traditional silos
  • How to gain stakeholder trust and increase access

Discussion #2: Accelerate data sharing to increase ROI

Our second conversation will explore what prevents organizations from sharing more data externally, and how they can increase external data sharing. We’ll also explore what data leaders are doing to improve organizational impact through external data sharing.

Here you will learn:

  • How to find and maintain trusted partners
  • How to approach the problem and evaluate options
  • What approaches drive innovation in using sensitive data

Part 3: Delivering Results

Concerns around the uses of sensitive data result in limited sharing, in terms of both internal access and external partnerships. Data leaders at prominent organizations are showing the way forward—improving sharing and driving results. Join us to learn how you too can develop winning strategies to increase data sharing.

Immediately following each session, you are invited to stay on to learn more about your hosts MIT CDOIQ and Privacy Analytics.

This digital event has been designed with panelist discussions and active audience participation; therefore, space is limited. Please sign-up today to add your name to the invitation list.


Sarah LyonsGeneral Manager, Privacy Analytics
Luk ArbuckleChief Methodologist, Privacy Analytics


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