Poonam Soans, State of New Jersey

Chief Data Officer & Director of Application Development, State of New Jersey

Poonam Soans is the Chief Data Officer (CDO) and Director of Application Development for the great state of New Jersey. She studied Business Administration with Computer Science and has been in Information Technology for over 18 years. Having been with NJOIT since she was an entry level programmer, Poonam is a company veteran who understands the culture and history of her organization.

In her CDO role, she oversees a range of data-related functions to ensure her office is getting the most from what could be its most valuable asset. She is ultimately responsible for areas such as data quality, data governance, information strategy, data science, and business analytics.

Poonam is visionary and goal-oriented with demonstrated experience in data-driven decision making, data access, application development, open data and civic engagement. She works with New Jersey State Agencies to enhance Open Government, Transparency and Performance Management Initiatives using Cloud Computing and other technologies. New endeavors and challenges are her biggest motivators!

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