Q&A with Maria Villar

Maria VillarEnterprise Data Management & Governance Innovator

Q: How do you ensure business commitment and executive sponsorship?

Defining, delivering and demonstrating (The 3 ‘D’) an enterprise data strategy that supports the business strategy is the surest way to ensure business commitment and executive sponsorship :

Defining an enterprise data strategy would showcase the dependency of business goals and outcomes to accurate, reliable, usable, consistent, trusted and high-quality data.  Then Identifies and maps which data is required and most critical within the business processes.

Delivering on the strategy by delivering the business and technical data capabilities through on ongoing enterprise data program.

Followed by Demonstrating success through meaningful KPIs business value metrics .

Getting active, ongoing business commitment and executive sponsorship is a critical success factor to a successful enterprise data program.   Managing your most critical data, is a shared responsibility.  It is essential to partner with a strong business sponsor to define scope and priorities, leading to measurable business outcomes and corporate success.

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