Q&A with Veda Bawo

Veda BawoDirector of Data Governance, Raymond James

Q: What are the best Data Governance and Data Quality tools on the market?

A:  The best governance and quality tools are not on the market.  The best tools are PEOPLE.

You can make almost any Data Governance and Data Quality tool work within your organization, but you cannot implement an effective data governance & quality discipline without PEOPLE.  You need PEOPLE to operationalize the fancy Governance & Quality tools.  You need PEOPLE to provide color and context to the information the tools will visualize.  More importantly, you need PEOPLE to make systemic, organizational changes that will help shape and sustain your data driven culture.

When I am building an All Star Data Team, I try to seed it with these complementary personas.

Do you have any of these personas in your data organization?
While having this eclectic mix of personalities can cause tension, it is a healthy tension.  It’s the kind of tension that will propel the organization forward, creating a scalable, “sticky” data driven environment that can influence the broader culture.

  • What if you had your team members adopt one of these personas on a rotational basis?
  • Who said data isn’t fun?

Veda Bawo
Director, Data Governance
Raymond James

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