Session 13

Session 13D: Best Practices in Valuing Data and Democratizing Use to Improve Business Outcomes

Speaker: Blake Andrews | Corporate Vice President Data Governance | New York Life Insurance Company Abstract: COVID 19 has highlighted the value of data to respond to changing business conditions...

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Session 13C: Vitamin D for Data Governance – How data governance can help sustain data health

Speaker: Lindy Kresl | President | Tecnologia, Inc Abstract: This presentation gives practical experience in the implementation of a business data dictionary aka metadata repository to realize true Data Governance...

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Session 13B: CDO Challenges – from a Global Perspective

Moderator: Robert Lutton | Vice President | Sandhill Consultants Speakers: Della Shea | Vice President, Data Governance & Chief Privacy Officer | Symcor Inc Ido Biger | Chief Data Officer...

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Session 13A: Data Strategy and Artificial Intelligence in Banking

Speaker: Dr. Shivaji Dasgupta | Chief Data Officer & Head of AI and Analytics | Deutsche Bank Abstract: AI and Data are changing the banking landscape. This has been established...

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