Session 15

Session 15D: Data Discovery, Valuation and Democratization

Speaker: Kash Mehdi | Data Governance Domain Expert | North America Abstract:Informatica It is widely accepted that data is a valuable organizational resource. Yet that value is rarely quantified, and...

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Session 15C: Fueling digital transformation with Data Discovery

Speaker: Peggy Tsai | VP of Data Solutions | BigID Cara Dailey | Chief Data Officer | Silicon Valley Bank Abstract: Data is at the heart of data management, governance,...

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Session 15B: Data Monetization: Data Productization to Artificial Intelligence

Speaker: Chintan Shah | Vice President of Data Science & Analytics | Hyla Abstract: Hyla is a data and analytics leader providing insights into mobile device secondary market through its...

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Session 15A: Advancements in AI/ML based asset health monitoring using external data sources

Speaker: Dinakar Deshmukh | VP - Data Science & Analytics | GE Aviation Abstract: This talk will focus on application of AI and machine learning technologies in health monitoring of...

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