Session 16

Session 16D: Ten Key Analytics Best Practices for Business Results

Speaker: Dr. Prashanth Southekal | Managing Principal | DBP-Institute Abstract: Today many businesses are challenged in transforming their data into insights. In January of 2019, Gartner reported that over 80%...

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Session 16C: Data Quality HUB: Essential CDO platform for Digital Transformation and Automation

Speaker: Dr Salomon de Jager | Chairman | PiLog Group Imad Syed | CIO | PiLog Group Wynand Nortje | CTO | PiLog Group Abstract: The CDO journey starting with...

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Session 16B: The four C’s of Effective Communication

Speaker: Len Silverston | President | Universal Data Models, LLC Abstract: Leonardo Da Vinci, said “ Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” A business glossary is an essential tool for good communication...

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Session 16A: What Does it Mean to be a Data-Driven Company

Moderator: Robert Abate | Founder & CEO | Brand Jam LLC Panelists: Asif Mahammad Syed | Vice President, Data Strategy | Hartford Steam Boiler Milind Kamkolkar | Chief Data Officer...

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