Session 6

Session 6D: The Predicament of the Data Commons – tragedy or comedy?

Speaker: Derek Strauss | CEO & Principal Consultant | Gavroshe Abstract: Data Quality problems can be likened to the phenomenon known as the "tragedy of the commons" - a situation in a shared-resource...

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Session 6C: Data Catalog as the Platform for Data Intelligence

Speaker: Satyen Sangani |CEO & Co-Founder | Alation Abstract: Data catalogs are in wide use today across hundreds of enterprises as a means to help data scientists and business analysts...

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Session 6B: The Art of the Possible with DataOps

Speaker: Chris Bergh, CEO & Head Chef, DataKitchen Abstract: Today more than ever, data consumers expect trusted, original, on-demand insight to power strategic decision-making. Yet data teams have difficulty delivering...

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Session 6A: Operationalizing Data Governance

Speaker: Joe Caserta | CEO | Caserta Abstract: Despite Data Governance being a hot topic at organizations worldwide, operationalizing it has continued to be a monumental hurdle. Although many leading...

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