Session 7

Session 7D: Co-Created Corporate Data & Analytics Strategy

Speakers: Keyur Desai | Chief Data Officer | TDAmeritrade Jay Zaidi | Managing Partner | AlyData Abstract: Mis-alignment between the corporate strategy and the corporate data and analytics strategy risks...

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Session 7C: The Evolving Role of Data Governance in an AI and Data Ops world

Speaker: Joe DosSantos | Chief Data Officer | Qlik Abstract: Traditional data governance had a principle aim of protecting the integrity of key business data for reporting, be it regulatory,...

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Session 7B: Securing Data Access at Scale for Modern Data Platforms

Speaker: Nong Li, CTO & Co-Founder, Okera Abstract: To meet today’s competitive demands, companies are rebuilding their data platforms, hoping to achieve new levels of business insight by eliminating data...

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Session 7A: Data-Driven Culture: Is Your Organization a Laggard or Leader?

Speaker: Cindi Howson | Chief Data Strategy Officer | ThoughtSpot Abstract: For years, organizations have aspired to be data-driven, yet only a third of leaders say their businesses say they...

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